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Environmental Policy

What Are The Problems?

People are part of Nature and we at Shagoon Packaging are dedicated to keep it clean. From past few decades the consumer base of our society is increasing at an alarming rate . Proportionately the volume of generated waste is also increasing. But if analyzed properly the large part of this waste comes from the packaging and not from the products themselves.

What are we doing about it ?

  1. We use material such as inks and masterbach, which do not contain substances which are harmful for people, animals and plants.

  2. Utilising our position in the market we impose usage of strong, multi usable Plastic T-Shirt Bags/Garbage Bags/Liners/Produce Rolls.

  3. We work with hundred-percent-recyclable materials and have built powerful machines that accomplish this recycling.

  4. Through the media resources , we appeal our clients to join with us in the efforts to keep Earth clean.

Plastic VS Paper

Weight of paper bag is about 5 times more than Plastic T-Shirt Bags and therefore paper bags generate waste which is bigger in volume. This is important because in present time places for waste Keeping and conservation have become hard to come by.
For the production of plastic packaging we needed 50% less energy resources as compared to the paper packaging. Indirectly this means lesser pollution of the nature from the Power Station.
Easy tearing and low steadiness in case of humidity does not permit using of paper bags in all spheres of application.
The increased consumption of paper has always been associated with chopping of tropical forests - the lungs of the planet. Whereas it is proved that Plastic T-Shirt bags does not emit injurious substances and do not pollute the nature chemically.
Water soluble emissions from the dissolving of paper bags are 94 % higher than that of polyethylene ones.
The biggest advantage of Plastic T-Shirt Bags is that it allows multiple usages, on the contrary of the paper ones. Even the thinnest plastic bag can be used for garbage collection in the office or at home.

100 % Recyclable