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Liquor Bags

Liquor Bags are similar to T-Shirt Bags but are of smaller width.These are used in Liquor Shops for liquor bottle packaging.These are generally made of LDPE in order to increse strength, so that it can hold the liquor bottles and prevent them from breaking.

We provide high strength Liquor Bags which can hold down the weight of the Liquor Bottles and prevent them from breaking.

Plastic Liquor Bottle Bags generally comes in 2 sizes :-

  • 1 Bottle Size   6.5 X 4.5 X 20    Small

  • 2 Bottle Size   8.0 X 5.0 X 20    Large

We provide customized Plastic Liquor Bags as per customer's requirement. (Size,Printing,Packaging,Labelling)

We have a printing facility for upto 6 Colours(Flexo and Roto) in order to satisfy our clients requirements.