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Water,Milk & Oil Pouches


We produce quality Water,Milk & Oil Pouches which have good strength and no odour.The transperency of our pouches and is of good quality.The material used is 100% Virgin and has NO Calcium, thus food contact is approved.

  • Water Pouches have great requirement in the local market.Our Product has a great transperency,good strength & no odour in it.

  • Milk Pouches are similar to water pouches just it is bigger in size & is translucent(Milky).

  • Oil Pouches are also similar to the above mentioned just it has higher strength. 

We provide customized Plastic Pouches as per customer's requirement. (Size,Printing,Packaging,Labelling)

We have a printing facility for upto 6 Colours(Flexo and Roto) in order to satisfy our clients requirements.