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T-Shirt Bags

Plastic T-shirt Bags are also known as T-sacks, Vest Carrier bags or Grocery shopping bags.These Retail  T-Shirt bags are easy to carry,strong & attractive.Plastic T-shirt Bags are primarily used by supermarkets, grocery stores, discount stores, convenience stores etc. These are made of -

  • HDPE (High Density Poly Ethylene)
  • LDPE  (Low  Density Poly Ethylene)

We produce Plastic quality Plastic T-Shirt Bags with thickness starting from 13 microns.

These retail T-Shirt Bags generally come in three sizes-

  • 1/6 th    Size   12 X 7 X 22    Large
  • 1/8 th    Size   10 X 5 X 18    Medium
  • 1/10 th  Size     8 X 4 X 15    Small

The most commonly used Plastic T-Shirt Bags are the "Thank You Bags."These come in various types and are suitable for all grocery stores,supermarkets,etc.

Manufacturing and supplying of Plastic T-shirt Bags is our core business and over the years we have gained a large market share and built an impeccable reputation for our product.We specialize in providing an exquisite range of Plastic T-Shirt Bags.

We provide customized Plastic T-Shirt Bags as per customer's requirement. (Size,Printing,Packaging,Labelling)

We have a printing facility for upto 6 Colours(Flexo and Roto) in order to satisfy our clients requirements.

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