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Garbage Bags

Garbage Bags are also called as Trash bags,refuse sack and bin liners.

These garbage bags are used to line the insides of waste containers to prevent the insides of the receptacle from becoming coated in waste material.The Garbage Bag rolls are effective for everyday uses.These are mostly used at Homes, Offices, schools and Hospitals.

  • High Density Garbage Bag (HDPE) - Great for paper and non-sharp objects under moderate transportation conditions. It has excellent resistance to puncture and moderate resistance to tearing. Great for cost saving.

  • Low Density Garbage Bag (LLDPE) - Recommended for sharper objects under rough transport conditions. Linear Low Density bags have excellent resistance to punctures and tearing.The LDPE or LLDPE bags have exceptional strength which is ideal for heavy duty applications.

Suggested Sizes For Garbage Bags as per the Gallon capacity :-

  • 3.5 - 4 Gallon       17"X18"

  • 7 Gallon               20"X22"

  • 7-10 Gallon          24"X24"

  • 12-16 Gallon        24"X33"

  • 20-30 Gallon        30"X36"

  • 32-33 Gallon        33"X39"

  • 40-45 Gallon        40"X46"

  • 44 Gallon             37"X46"

  • 55 Gallon             36"X60"

  • 60 Gallon             38"X60"

We provide customized Plastic Garbage Bags as per customer's requirement. (Size,Printing,Packaging,Labelling)

We have a printing facility for upto 6 Colours(Flexo and Roto) in order to satisfy our clients requirements.

Available in Bag On Rolls or Loose pieces.